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IQ, which stands for intelligence quotient, is said to be a gauge of one's intelligence. But, is one single test truly able to measure how smart someone really is, or does it simply show that one does well with IQ tests?

This very issue has been up for debate among scientists, educators, and parents alike for many years as it is known that IQ tests are certainly not an exact science. IQ tests focus mainly on measuring one's abilities in subjects like math and language as well as logic and reasoning skills, but many people argue that intelligence is a far broader realm that is more difficult to accurately measure.

Should Your Children Take an IQ Test?

There are definitely some distinct advantages to testing a child's IQ, with the most obvious being that you will learn how well your child does at taking tests, but even more so, it may help them to perform better on other tests throughout their academic future. You will also have an idea as to the general intelligence of your child, which you, of course, should basically already have, as well as a definitive score to give to schools and colleges when registering for the year.

Like many parents, you'll probably be tempted to search for a free kid's IQ test online, however, this particular type of test is actually one of extreme importance that shouldn't be taken lightly.

The Disadvantages of Free IQ Tests for Kids

Of course the word "free" is rather alluring when it comes to just about anything, but the main disadvantage of these so-called free IQ tests is that in most instances, they're actually not free at all. Instead, most will require that a fee be paid in order for the results to be revealed. This misleading practice is rather common, but it still makes one wonder what else about the test and scoring processes may be dishonest.

Free IQ tests are also usually quite a bit shorter than they would normally be, which makes it next to impossible to obtain any type of complete results. And finally, free tests will not provide certified results that can be used for any other purpose besides your own personal knowledge.

If you are seriously interested in testing your child's intelligence quotient, don't be quick to fall for the many free tests available, but instead, be willing to pay a reasonable fee so that you can be sure the results you are getting are indeed accurate and worthwhile.

It may be tempting when looking for an IQ test too look for a free one. However I would advise against this. Taking an IQ test is extremely important and I would strongly advise you to take a look at the following resources which are paid tests, but also extremely high in their quality: