Spatial Skills

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Spatial skills of your children signify their abilities to handle any task that includes fine manipulation of the motor nerves. This includes the jobs such as drawing, puzzles and mazes plus other things too. Children with high visual-spatial intelligence have the potential to imagine things in their minds vividly. They are qualified to create alternate worlds of their own, and may seem oblivious to many things surrounding them. So next time, when your children come up to you and talk about their imaginary friends or always sit in the corner and busily think about little nothings, you must not create a mountain out of a molehill.

Children need their own space, and during this time they can invent various things without any adultís help. And such small victories are always going to help in the progress of their IQ. But you need not be uselessly concerned. Just because your children stay all by themselves and are lost in their own imaginary worlds does not mean that they are completely unaware of what is happening all around them. They have a knack in noticing the smallest detail, something you yourself could have missed. There are ways to help your children improve their IQ by working more on their spatial skills. There are certain tools provided for this purpose, and you can apply them in the case of your children but under the strict guidance of a councilor or a psychoanalyst.

There are certain software programs provided online where your children can learn more so as to increase their IQThere are the Draw and Paint Programs, and also the Reading Programs which use Rebus methods and Color Coding. Other training courses like Science Probeware too can help your children enhance their spatial abilities without much hassle.